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D&D 5e is the TTRPG system I have most worked on, and played. I specialize in creating action-packed and exciting locations and encounters making use of my Level Design knowledge. Additionally, monster creation is something I’m extremely passionate about, having created dozens of unique and terrifying monstrosities for different products.

The Oni That Ruined Jinglemas

Barric Jingle promised the whole region he would deliver all kids presents in a single night! How he intends to do that, no one knows.  It was no long before the promise reached an oni, who took hold of the warehouse Barric works in and kidnapped him! It's up to you adventurers to go through a fully industrial cabin full of weird toys and conveyor belts to save Barric. The adventure features widely different encounters with tons of surprises and environment to interact with.

A Brief Description of all Classes/Subclasses, Races/ Subraces

Illustrated documents with brief descriptions of all official playable classes/subclasses, races/subraces to offer players and help them easily create their ideal character. Print friendly documents are included to easily bring to your session 0!

The Fallen Star - A One-Page Dungeon

A meteorite has fallen to our world. Mysterious blue mist drips from inside it. Are you brave enough to find out its secrets?

When a secret space association called The Luminaries, conformed by stellar sorcerers decides to make their first attack on your plane, a group of adventurers must venture inside it to put a stop to them. Battle oozes, solve puzzles, and let this to be the start of a new adventure.

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