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Since August 2018 I’ve delved in the gaming space and haven’t stopped ever since. From writing weekly columns in gaming sites to creating my own games. I have got a fascination for creating heart-filled stories and/or tools to help people achieve unforgettable experiences.

Magnolia: City of Marvels

Setting of Art, Punk, and Rebellion

In the City of Marvels ruled by the noble, conservationists art can be found at every corner filling it with bright colors. While multiple rivalries and schemes surround the noble families, a revolution in art is arising. Gangs have formed up, willing to change forever the meaning of art and what it really is about. A setting of Art, Punk, and Rebellion. Pick a side, and change Magnolia’s history forever.

A new horror collaborative storytelling card game

What Is It That Lies Beyond The Immenseness of the Dark? is a collaborative storytelling card game for 2 or more players in which you use cards and a coin to create a Horror inhabiting the area you are playing in in the real world. A serial killer, swarm of monsters, master manipulator, or eldritch creature, as well as its myth or urban legend, will come to life in 30 mins - 1.5 hours. The game materials are a poker size deck of 26 cards. 

Goth Borg

A Gothic Horror Setting, and supplement for Mork Borg, D&D5e, and Pathfinder 2e. This product includes a collection of gothic monsters, lore, setting, boss monsters, player content and more!

During 5+ years I have been writing monthly and weekly columns for Tribality and The Gnome Stew

Featured Articles & Podcasts

Pathfinder 2: Divine Mysteries

I worked on lore for a whole section of deities for the upcoming Pathfinder 2e book.

Tribality’s Vodari Series

I’ve worked for both the Seas of Vodari and the Under the Seas of Vodari books for Tribality Publishing. These include the setting of Vodari with its numerous isles and seafairing adventures, and the setting of the lands below the depths of the waters of Vodari.

Guns Blazing

Guns Blazing is a tabletop roleplaying game set in an alternate version of the 1920s. Its scratch-built system is designed to capture the frantic momentum and risk of pulp fiction and first-person shooters: constantly balancing the need to take out another foe with the all-too-real risk of taking a bullet to the skull. A game by Ahadi Productions.

Circus Borg

Escape a true circus of horrors. Face foes that want you to become part of their show in this supplement for Mork Borg.

Support my work

You can support my work and receiveunique rewards through Patreon, Ko-Fi, and Cafecito

Stuck & Wretched

Stuck and Wretched is a game of self-discovery, despair, and hope inspired by the movie 127 hours using the Wretched & Alone SRD by Chris Bissette

The Brave Professor

The Brave Professor is a One-Page RPG  for two players and 1 GM in which you get to impersonate a history professor traveling the world and their sidekick, kicking Nazis' asses and recovering long-forgotten powerful artifacts.

Uncharted Hearts

Created for a Game Jam with Lady Azulina, in this One-Page RPG a Guide and a group of players gets to explore a new untouched world and create it from the ground up, including their whole uniquely complex culture by rolling dice on your Star Chart.

D&D Content

I have created and participated in the creation of D&D5e  content. These range from adventures, and one-page dungeons to guides that make it easier to build your character.


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