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What Is Magnolia?

Magnolia: City of Marvels - Setting of Art, Punk, and Rebellion is a system-agnostic micro setting set in a fantasy world city. A revolution in art is going on in the city where art takes central place. A government in which the nobles are the ones who set the laws and control the guards means conservatism in art remains in power. But the arrival of the Purple Dragons, a new punk gang looking to liberate the meaning of art with new modern fashion styles, graffiti art, and more, might change all forever.

System Agnostic

We made Magnolia: City of Marvels from the ground-up in a medieval fantasy world, but easily transferrable to any sort of bigger world or setting you have in mind, be it past, modern-day, or even futuristic. One D&D/5e, Pathfinder 2e, Forged in the Dark games, Powered by the Apocalypse, FATE, Call of Cthulhu, you name it!

The theme of the setting makes it incredibly easy as well to adapt the story being told in it to the genre of your choosing. Run a political intrigue amongst the nobles using Vampire: The Masquerade. Plan out heists with the help of the Blades in the Dark system. Delve into the spectres-filled lighthouse of the water goddess using Call of Cthulhu. Use our suggested adjustments to port the city to modern day and find out who the serial assassin The Artist really is in a noir City of Mist game...

What does it include?

The Magnolia book is divided into multiple sections, color coded to easily find the information you are looking for even before you open the book in an instant:

  • Art in Magnolia

  • Factions

  • The City

  • Important Characters (NPCs)

  • Important Items (Magic Items)

  • Adventure Concepts (Campaigns)

In the Art section we will provide an explenation of how important Art is in this world and how it affects everyone in the city and contienent you decide to place Magnolia in. Why has it become such an important thing for the city? How much power does art really have, and how dangerous can it become?

Factions describes the groups that play a vital role in the actual state of Magnolia. Nobles are divided into houses looking for power. Guilds act looking out for business and themselves, but are tied within the threads of the nobles. As for the gangs, their hierarchy is quite loose and are composed of multiple groups, the Purple Dragons being the most predominant at the moment. They all have different objectives and viewpoints, and clash or form alliances constantly.

The City of Magnolia is rich in things to do, mysteries, adventures, and above all things, art. However, within the numerous districts and landpoints lie a plethora of secrets, diverse and unique personalities, opression, and a hunger for wealth and power. Will you be the one to make sure no disaster arises, or the one to bring chaos and rebellion?

Magnolia has several Important Characters within its houses and streets. Incredibly diverse due to the touristic nature of the city and their way of thinking. Every faction has their own standouts, with mannerisms, beliefs and objectives. In addition to that, the past of these characters may be intertwined, meaning you may share a common ally, or enemy.

In a world that is beginning to find ways to intersect magic and technology, several Important Items that once were thought to be impossible now exist. Some have magical qualities, while others have small compartments and cogs that allow for wondrous effects to occur. Some that stand out at the moment are the graffitti paint cans and a skateboard-like device.

Adventure Concepts are our solution to system-agnostic adventures. We provide 5+ overviews of a campaign from beginning to end, informing GMs of all the things that they could make happen in this adventure, while running the story as a sandbox in the city. A complete starting guide, series of conflicts or story paths to be taken, and what we believe would be satisfying conclusions. This takes a huge weight off the shoulders of the GMs by offering imaginative ideas for full-fledged campaigns created by some of the best designers in the space.

Made to be the perfect tool

No matter if you are a player or GM, Magnolia: City of Marvels should have all the content you need to play through an incredible story. Its pages focus on quality over quantity of ideas to fuel the GMs brain with stories to tell, and players with archetypes to try out. In addition to that, we promise 2 story hooks per page, which will give you a plethora of additional ideas for adventures or campaigns designed by experienced GMs.

By having the chapters categorized in a modular, color coded way, you will be able to see from the lateral side the different colors of each section, allowing you to instantly jump to the desired piece of information. 

If you want to take a look at what Magnolia: City of Marvels is going to look and feel like, you can check an early version of the product, which details what you might find in the finished copy for FREE:

What People are Saying

"Magnolia: City of Marvels fills the DIY hole in my heart with what the designers call a ‘perfect blend between medieval fantasy and cyberpunk’."

“It's a such a rich concept that takes a very real issue of the censorship and sterilization of art and gives you a way to explore how we can fight that. It's cathartic as all hell. Not to mention the team behind it largely very talented PoC”

Get notified when it goes live!

We will send a single email to notify when the Kickstarter campaign will go live. No spam, just the single email.

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